Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy – 4 Tips to Make it Easier

With the ever increasing dominance of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, companies are focusing more than ever on social media marketing. And while social media offers more exposure than ever before, your promotional plan should be grounded with a sound marketing strategy. What is the best approach for developing a social media marketing strategy that is both […]

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How the GPS Tracker has Evolved Over the Years

GPS technology development began in 1973 with the intent to replace several other navigation systems the U.S. government had used in the past that didn’t live up to expectations. Many classified engineering studies went into the technology, which was created and implemented by the U.S. Department of Defense. The original GPS system ran on 24 satellites and became fully operational […]

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Response to The Matthew Effect

Draxi has made an interesting long response to my post The Matthew Effect : How WoW is Like Bill Gates Although I agree with the Matthew effect I dissagree with the idea that somehow WoW or any other venture is unkillable. It all boils down to strategy. WoW has a major weakness that no MMO has taken advantage of, the weakness […]

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