Opera’s Popular Browser Comes to Android

It’s tough to argue the fact that any operating system’s success or failure has much to do with third party support. To that end, things are looking up for Google’s fairly new Android OS as Opera Software has decided to come on board with a version of its Mini 5 browser for smartphones running the Android operating system. This new […]

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GAME to start renting out games

Despite the global financial crisis, gaming is one of the few industries that has not been tremendously affected by the economic crunch. Despite some employment lay-offs in some companies and relatively lackluster sales in some, the gaming industry in general has been considered resilient to the downturn. This bit of news is prompting more and more companies to shift to […]

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FIFA 18 Review – Xbox

The ball isn’t the only thing that has gotten some love in FIFA 18 for the Xbox 360. The aforementioned Sports Lab debuted at E3 2018, and is in full-swing in FIFA 17, creating players that really seem to be held to the pitch by gravity. Lesser techniques create character that float on the pitch, or ones that can stop […]

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Misjudging online business e-commerce

There has been much misjudgement about the nature of online business. A pure online business would not succeed in a world where most people made little use of the Internet, or where the security of financial information is far from assured. In any case, there are very few pure online businesses, except those selling information, such as financial services. Business-to-consumer […]

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Story-tellers in the digital society

The heroes of the information society were the engineers, the people who developed new products and researched new technologies, chips and genes. They possessed highly specialised and highly regarded knowledge. Their goal was material growth. The heroes of the dream society will be the story-tellers. Once, the superior product would be the winner in the marketplace, but technology has advanced […]

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2017 | The Year Tablet Computers Takeover ?

Tablets have been around for many years, nearly as long as laptops. I have been using one since 2001 and they were pretty uncommon at this point but apple first made and manufactured a tablet in the 1980s. With their latest product due to release in the next few months being the Apple iPad. It seems in the last couple […]

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