FUT, Wow : the Economics of Pay-Per-Play

Recently, it was announced that Japanese Playstation 3s had a new version of Gomibako (released stateside as Trash Panic), which actually charged gamers on an installment format similar to what is found in arcades.  By paying out 100 Yen (about $1.06 right now), the title gives players three full cracks at the game, after which, players would have to pony […]

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FIFA 16 fut 16 is coming back

FIFA 16 is the first basketball game to be ported to PC, Xbox, PS3… Overall, it succeeds at what it tries to do, but it will not appeal to everyone. In case you’ve never played the arcade smash hit, FUT 16 features all the FIFA teams. You choose from limited rosters from each team and you play a shortened game […]

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Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy – 4 Tips to Make it Easier

With the ever increasing dominance of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, companies are focusing more than ever on social media marketing. And while social media offers more exposure than ever before, your promotional plan should be grounded with a sound marketing strategy. What is the best approach for developing a social media marketing strategy that is both […]

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