Competition – Worst Gadget ever

What is the worst Gadget you have come across? Let us know via the comments form below and you will be entered into a competition to win a Nokia N-Gage QD Silver Edition together with a bunch of games. How do I enter ? Use the comment box below this post to leave your answer. Please include a valid email […]

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Internet ambiant

2017 | The Year Tablet Computers Takeover ?

Tablets have been around for many years, nearly as long as laptops. I have been using one since 2001 and they were pretty uncommon at this point but apple first made and manufactured a tablet in the 1980s. With their latest product due to release in the next few months being the Apple iPad. It seems in the last couple […]

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How to set up a network

Many homes in today’s technological age have more than one computer. This may be as a result of different persons in the home having his or her own computer system to use, or as a result of a growing number of persons starting home and small businesses. The increasing need for setting up networks could also result from more persons […]

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How the GPS Tracker has Evolved Over the Years

GPS technology development began in 1973 with the intent to replace several other navigation systems the U.S. government had used in the past that didn’t live up to expectations. Many classified engineering studies went into the technology, which was created and implemented by the U.S. Department of Defense. The original GPS system ran on 24 satellites and became fully operational […]

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