GAME to start renting out games

Despite the global financial crisis, gaming is one of the few industries that has not been tremendously affected by the economic crunch. Despite some employment lay-offs in some companies and relatively lackluster sales in some, the gaming industry in general has been considered resilient to the downturn. This bit of news is prompting more and more companies to shift to […]

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Hone Your Gaming Fingers With The Shooting Clock

Ever heard this line? “My fingers are not strong enough!” I sure have – I thought it silly before and I still do now! But apparently, there are people who think that there fingers really do need to be strong and agile enough in order to excel at video games. Go figure. PlayAsia is currently featuring a training camp of […]

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Is Game fifa Rental Piracy ?

Residents of Belgium are to be subjected to the enforcement of a long standing rule this winter – No more rental of video games fifa ! It looks like renting games was always illegal in Belgium, but it was tolerated. Once the 1st of December hits, the law is being taken seriously. The law will be identical to that in […]

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Emoting with Emoticons ;-)

It is almost unheard of—or better worded, unseen—that an instant message is sent without a little emoticon following each phrase. In fact, standard end-of-sentence punctuation has all but disappeared in lieu of a smiley, sad, grumpy, sick, etc. face. Did you know that you can actually learn a lot about a person by the frequency and usage of emoticons? In […]

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Response to The Matthew Effect

Draxi has made an interesting long response to my post The Matthew Effect : How WoW is Like Bill Gates Although I agree with the Matthew effect I dissagree with the idea that somehow WoW or any other venture is unkillable. It all boils down to strategy. WoW has a major weakness that no MMO has taken advantage of, the weakness […]

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IRL 2.0

here is the story of an hard-core gamer of Wow.  In the following documentary we can see the evolution of a young men from addiction to moderation about playing to world of warcraft.       His name is Antony Rosner and now the game is only a part of his life…  

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