Competition – Worst Gadget ever

What is the worst Gadget you have come across? Let us know via the comments form below and you will be entered into a competition to win a Nokia N-Gage QD Silver Edition together with a bunch of games.

How do I enter ? Use the comment box below this post to leave your answer. Please include a valid email address for us to contact you on! This is not displayed on the website, so there is no feat of spam junk emails.

List the worst Gadget you’ve ever seen with a brief description and a link if possible. If you’ve owned the item it would be great to seen a short review of it! Tell us why it really is the lamest thing you have ever seen.

We’ll award the most entertaining item with a great shiny new Nokia N-Gage QD Silver Edition along with a number of games to get you going.


The winner will be announced on the 16th of December 2005 (in enough time to get the prize through before Christmas) so be sure to get your entry in before this date.

Worst Gadget ?

This can literally be anything from the rubbish Marks & Spencer ‘mens gifts’ to the downright useless USB tat you see popping up on the ‘net..

The Prize

It’s more than just a portable games device, you get a fully functioning Nokia mobile thrown in, plus all the features of modern mobiles : digital media (mp3) player,email client and bluetooth connectivity.

Read more about the spec of the N-Gage QD Silver.

If you fancy a free phone upgrade this Christmas, and something to occupy yourself whilst visiting the relatives over the holiday time, get thinking and enter our competition!