Opera’s Popular Browser Comes to Android

It’s tough to argue the fact that any operating system’s success or failure has much to do with third party support. To that end, things are looking up for Google’s fairly new Android OS as Opera Software has decided to come on board with a version of its Mini 5 browser for smartphones running the Android operating system.

operaThis new browser will improve the mobile surfing experience for Java phones by compressing data by up to 90 percent before sending content to the handset (which would greatly speed up browsing performance over low-bandwidth data connections).

It also supports new tabs for multiple windows and features a thumbnail system of your most-visited websites. Finally a manager function will store passwords for email, social networking sites and online banking sites.

Opera Mini is the most widely used browser for smartphones, surpassing even Apple’s immensely popular iPhone browser.

The browser can be downloaded free of charge at Opera’s site