GAME to start renting out games

Despite the global financial crisis, gaming is one of the few industries that has not been tremendously affected by the economic crunch. Despite some
employment lay-offs in some companies and relatively lackluster sales in some, the gaming industry in general has been considered resilient to the downturn.

This bit of news is prompting more and more companies to shift to gaming as
one of their strategies to weather the crisis. Take for example, convenience store giant 7-11 deciding to sell games on all of their stores in America. Other companies are doing something similar in that even though they are already firmly entrenched in gaming, they are implementing new measures to attract more sales.

Games retailer, GAME (, for example, has recently announced its plans to launch a games rental service online. The whole scheme will be similar to how movie rentals are made online.


The new service, formed in partnership with SwapGame, called GAME Rentals will let customers borrow two games at a time for a monthly fee. No late fees are going to be implemented. Since the service is going to be based on subscriptions, members can keep the games as long as they like. One a user sends back one game through free postage, another game from the user’s chosen list will be sent out. This is a far cry from the rental game schemes implemented by DVD rental stores, and the gamer-friendly policies could mean this service may become a favorite of gamers.

As of yet, the monthly subscription fee hasn’t been set yet. GAME will give more details as soon as it is ironed out.