No-Computer Printer- A Great Gift for the Not-So-Tech Savvy

Christmas is fast approaching and for sure, many of you are still in the process of last minute Christmas shopping. It might not be so hard finding gadget gifts for the tech-savvy. The only problem I see is finding that perfect gadget for your loved one. However, for those who haven’t a clue about technology, this gadget might be the perfect gift.


Presto has designed a printer which does not need a computer at all. All you need to do is to get the printer at $149.99 and sign up for the Presto service for $9.99 a month and then you can start using it. Simply send your letters or digital images using your email to the Presto service and the other end receives a print-out of what you send.

Now you can keep in touch even with the most technologically-challenged member of your family. I’d get one for my mom, but then again, she can type out text messages even faster than I can.