Hone Your Gaming Fingers With The Shooting Clock

Ever heard this line? “My fingers are not strong enough!” I sure have – I thought it silly before and I still do now! But apparently, there are people who think that there fingers really do need to be strong and agile enough in order to excel at video games. Go figure.

PlayAsia is currently featuring a training camp of sorts in the device called Shooting Watch, or shoowatch in Japanese. If anything, this gadget is a throwback to my childhood in the 80s when the Game & Watch was all the rage. Just take a look at that picture – doesn’t it remind you of Nintendo’s big thing in the 80s?

Anyway, the Shooting Watch is supposed to help train those gaming fingers into becoming lean mean shooting machines. If first person shooter games are your kind of thing, then you might want to get your hands on the Shooting Watch.

How does it work? It obviously has two buttons – A and B – which you have to mash with your shooting fingers as many times as you can within a certain period of time. The faster you press the buttons, the better your shooting skills are. The idea is that after training hard on this little thingamajig, your first person shooting skills on a real video game will dramatically improve. Now I don’t know about that but for £14, I don’t think that it will hurt to get one of them. After all, the Japanese thought about this and you know how good they are at these things.