Is Game fifa Rental Piracy ?

Residents of Belgium are to be subjected to the enforcement of a long standing rule this winter – No more rental of video games fifa !

It looks like renting games was always illegal in Belgium, but it was tolerated. Once the 1st of December hits, the law is being taken seriously.

The law will be identical to that in Japan, forcing everyone to purchase game titles.

Olivier Maeterlinck, Managing Director of cré  , explains: “What’s happening is that video rental stores are declining in popularity (for exemple in fifa crédits ) , and because of this those stores began to buy retail copies of games and put them up for rent. I can’t think of any country that would allow this. Rental outlets need publisher permission to rent out games, and need to buy them wholesale, just like with films.”

NintendoWiiFanBoy of Fifa game added “you may even consider it [rental] worse, because with rentals, someone else who is not the developer and publisher is reaping all of the monetary benefits of the game being rented again and again.”

A spokesperson from one of the UK’s biggest game retail companies, LoveFilm, has explained that its own rental distribution process in the UK begins by consulting the publisher: “We buy wholesale from the publishers with their permission. We have a good relationship with these publishers and we negotiate rental deals as well as actively promote them.”