What Are the Top 5 Cell Phone Features You Can’t Live Without ?

You probably never leave the house without your cell phone. It is highly likely that you even use your cell phone when you are home. Cell phones today have many built in features and add-ons to help with the everyday tasks of life  and many great cell phone reviews  to inform you of the best types of apps like http://piyorisa.tumblr.com or others .Here are a few options for your cell phone that are must-haves.

Most cell phones come with a pre-installed GPS program. This is one of the most useful features on your cell phone. The GPS can do many things for you. The GPS can obviously give you directions to where you are going. Many GPS programs now offer audible turn-by-turn directions. Some offer alternate routes, depending on whether you want to go the shortest distance in mileage or the quickest distance in time. There are also options to detect detours and traffic and provide alternate routes. Some programs even offer directions via car, bike or walking directions. Features on some phones include saving routes most traveled, the option to find hotels, gas stations and restaurants.

All phones now offer voice mail, texting plans and email. This gives you the most convenient ways to communicate, right from your phone. Voicemail can be tailored in many ways. You can program your phone to send certain calls directly to voice mail. There are also options to automatically respond via text message when you cannot take a call. Text messaging is quick and easy, and most phones offer a voice recognition option so that you can dictate text messages. This is an added bonus if you prefer not to type on your cell phone. Accessing email from you phone is a lifesaver. It saves time and keeps you in the loop at all times. Most phones allow you to customize your email to include several addresses in your inbox.

The quality of the cameras available on a smart phone are amazing. You will always have your camera with you, whenever you have access to your phone. With many phones offering 8 megapixels and more, this is high enough resolution to replace your digital camera. When taking photos with you phone, you can often share them via text messaging, email, social networks, and even send them straight to your printer. Many offer options to change the color to black and white, correct red eye and many more settings.

Keep up to date by entering your daily appointments and reminders into your phone calendar. You can typically connect this with a calendar online or on your computer. This will allow you to sync all your data and be up to date at all times. You can also share appointments with family and friends, which helps everyone stay connected.

Nearly all cell phones now allow you to store and play your music. How convenient is it to plug your headphones into your phone at the gym without carrying an extra device ? There are many great music apps that come preloaded, and several available to be installed on your phone, and many great cell phone reviews  to inform you of the best types of apps.

These features add even more value to your cell phone!


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