IRL 2.0

here is the story of an hard-core gamer of Wow.  In the following documentary we can see the evolution of a young men from addiction to moderation about playing to world of warcraft.




His name is Antony Rosner and now the game is only a part of his life…



  • love this video making by a gamer. But gaming is a professional activitie too : game makers, salors of games, farmers of gold… the industrie of video games is robust nowadays and the problematic of addiction less important, i think

  • Jenni Wow

    Your post made me smile, I didn’t realise how much everyone hated poor login dragon 🙁
    Also, I have no idea where the { came from if I’m honest and I’ll be moving from blogger soon™ anyway, I can’t seem to find good hosting or a domain that doesn’t cost £10000 and I’m having some teething issues with wordpress.

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