legend like Runescape…

here’s a presentation of Legend of Heroes 3, a mmo game in the same mode than the RPG’s Diablo 3 or Runescape 2013.


In the land of Weltuna, you are a young man named Forte, and you are an aspiring troubadour (travelling musician). Your grandfather, McBain, takes you and your friend, Una on a world tour. But McBain really wants to find rocks known as Resonance Stones, which were made by an ancient musician. When the inscriptions on all of the stones are played as music, it is suppossed to bring forth a powerful magic that could either save the world, or destroy it… And use to mining features like on buy gold for runescape legend mode.


As graphics go for the PSP, this game doesn’t unleash full potential. But, this is the kind of game that really doesn’t need flashy graphics. To be honest, the graphics are like that of GBA, but a little more advanced.


If you buy gold for runescape , the controls are simple, once you get used to them. Enemies can be easily avoided (you can see them before you encounter them), and easily caught if you are spoiling for a fight. Most enemies aren’t powerful enough to kill you, yet strong enough to get you good experience. Speaking of experience, levels are difficult to gain at first, but after you make level 5, it’s much easier. You have a pet that travels with you, and don’t have to buy it special food (unlike the previous Legend of Heroes games). You can feed it any item you have, and depending on what you feed it, your pet can help you in battle by healing or attacking.


This game provides a lot of entertainment, and the loading time isn’t leaving you playing another system while you wait (ALWAYS a plus on the PSP). The only drawback is that some of the translations (the game is orignally in Japanese) are messed up (words are reveresed, improper grammar, things like that), but if stuff like that doesn’t bother you, you’ll be fine. I enjoyed this game thoroghly. So, using the 0-10 scale, I give this game:


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