Portable Ops : Metal Gear Solid mmo game


This chapter of the Metal gear series takes Solid Snake to a peninsula controlled by the Red Army. A man called Gene plans to turn the peninsula into his own country: A country for soldiers. Little by little, you find out that the country has been shipping parts that could be used to build a version of Metal Gear, the walking battle tank (of course).

Snake, and his companion Campbell, must capture and turn enemy soldiers to their cause (more on that below) and infiltrate the base to stop Gene and his assistants (one of which we’ve met before).

Fun Fact: Fans of the 80’s show “The A-Team” may recognize Python’s voice. He is voiced (in the American version) by Dwight Schultz, who plays the crazy fool H. M. Murdoc on “The A-Team” .   He’s a little more sinister in the game, though.

Gameplay and Controls

 The controls take a little getting used to, but they are otherwise okay. MUCH better than the Acid series and its accursed Card System, which was mercifully abandoned in this game.

In Portable Ops, you must come to terms with the fact that you can’t complete your mission alone. You need help. And you can get it by capturing enemy soldiers, dragging them to your truck or companions, and recruiting them. You can make Spy units, Medical units, and Tech units, as well as add to your own Sneaking unit, which you work with directly.


The main character is, of course, Solid Snake. I belive that this game takes place shortly after Snake Eater, so he has that similar appearance.

Campbell and Jonathan are your main companions. Campbell has a broken leg, so he can only drive your truck and give advice through your Codec (though the advice is rarely good). Jonathan is the first enemy soldier you convert to your side. He’s a useful sort of guy, with loads of info on the base.

As per MG tradition, there are four major bosses you must face. I shall name them.

Python (my favorite, being a cryomaniac) is an old ally of Snake’s, but has been hired to kill him. Python has a liquid nitrogen-filled suit that lets him freeze things.

Null is a genetically altered soldier that has one purpose: Complete the mission. He feels no emotion, no pain, nothing.

Ursula is Elise’s “sister” (why is sister in quotes? Play the game to find out). She is a powerful psychic and a worthy opponent in this particular battle.

Gene is the major boss in this game. Enough said, I believe.


The music is wonderful, and the voiceovers are terrific. See the Fun Fact below for something interesting.


Good for the PSP. The graphics are good enough to look cool, but not advanced enough to cause slow load times.


Finally! A Metal Gear game worthy of the PSP! This game is excellent, well-written, and fun. I loved it.




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