A power to the people !

The Internet has made it easier than it’s ever been before for an individual to publish documents and to make them available to a wide audience.

This is what web pages are all about, and in addition, every day thousands of newsletters or ezines are distribued around cyberworld. And today there’s a new phenomenon gathering momentum – weblogs where again we find a rapidly increasing multitude of passionate individuals writing personal publications to share with others.

In the past, publishing something as an individual required either significant person funds (vanity publishing) or the conviction of a publishing house to print and market one’s journalistic endeavors. With the advent of the Internet, individuals have suddenly become abble to publish and distribute their work to the whole world almost free of charge. The Internet has put the power of the press into keyboard of anyone with a bit of time, web access and something to say.

In the next chapter we’ll talk about the history of ezines

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