to guild wars 2 gold from Menomini games

To continuous in an historic confrontation about games in civilization, it’s possible to follow a MMO game like guild wars  or Wow (diablo 3 etc.) threw the ligth of tribes episodes : when Indian’s Menimoni make races

play to run : foot-race like a game

Mr F. W. Hodge, sociologist, who has conducted researches among the several Pueblo tribes of New Mexico and Arizona, has given an account of a Zufii foot-race : a mutually satisfactory manner of starting a footrace is often adopted by two participants, as follows . Like on guild wars 2 game , after the course in which the race is to be run has heen decided on, for gold

Each grasping is indicate when one or the other is gaining undue advantage in speed from the standing point to the scratch where the race is actually to begin.
Or when the agent desires information transmitted, the courier assumes an easy running gait, which may be kept up for hours at a time. That’s the game, like on a MMOrpg…

This dog-trot is the least fatiguing, and instances of the endurance of Indjans have been well shown in recent years by the Apache renegades in their endeavor to escape the troops in the mountainous country of eastern and south-eastern Arizona, who would frequently desert their ponies and take to the trails on foot.
On day an indian left the plow at noon, and after dinner walked about 23 miles to the place where the race was to be run, and next morning made 100 yards in ten and three-quarters seconds. Incredible party that he has played !

The chief feature of the race is the kicking of sticks, which the leader of each side places across his foot at the base of the toes. These sticks are rounded and of the size of the middle finger; they are picked up with the toes and kicked forward, when one of the set.

conclusion : from indian game to MMO on the Internet

To put it in a nutschell, games in civilization have a lot of commons points : from race to guild wars, games have developped some social rules at the base of people societies and continuous to attract people


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