from Diablo 3 to moccasin : games in civilizations

The world of Internet give an important place to the games : MMO, RPG, persistant universe, marketing products for blockbusters, social games, social networks which promote fun and gaming … Because the game is at the origin of civilization, it makes social fondation of a community in ritual moments. And ethnography show us some exemples :


The game of  lacrosse has already been described in connection with the cuit society of the Mitä Wits, as one of the preliminaries thereto, under certain circumstances. The game appears, at the present time, to be played merely for amusement, personal wagers being made on the result.


Another game, not so far of  MMOrpg like diablo 3 gold nowadays ,  for both amusement and gambling, was termed the “snow-snake” . It was played during the winter, either in the snow or on the ice, and the only  article necessary consisted of a piece of hardwood, from 5 to 6 feet long and from one-half to three-fourths of an inch thick. The head was bulb-like and shaped like a snake, with eyes, and a crosscut to denote the month. This rounded end permitted it to pass over slight irregularities in its forward movements.

Moccasin or bullet game

 Another game that was formerly much played by the Menomini was the moccasin, or bullet, game, which was probably learned from theîr Ojibwa neighbors. Five persons participate in this game, four being active players, while tho fifth acts as musician, by using tbe tambourine drum and singing, the players usually joining in the latter. The tambonrine-drum is shown in figure 30.

A blanket also is used, and in addition a. stick, about 3 feet long, with which to strïke the mocassin under which the bullet is believed to be hidden. When the game is commenced, the players are paired off by two’s, who take their places on each of the four sides of the outspread blanket.

The object now is for the player ho lift, with his left hand, each moccasin, in succession, and put a ballet under it, making many pretenses of hiding and removing the bullets, in order to confuse the opponents, who are eagerly watching for some slip of the performer whereby they may obtain a clue of the moccasin under which the marked bullet maybe placed. While this is going on, the drummer is doing his duty by singing and drumming, to which the others are noisily keeping time.

Finally, he will place the end of a long stick under a moccasin and turn it over. Should the marked bullet be disclosed, he is regarded as successful; if he fails the first time he bas another trial, but if the bullet is found only at the second trial, the counters to which he is entitled will be fewer than if he finds the bullet the flrst time.
In event of the opponent making a  successful guess of the moccasin under which the marked bullet has been placed, the former player relînquishes the moccasins and bullets and takes his turn at guessing. The game is decided when all the sticks on the blanket are won, those winning the majority taking the bets previously made. The scoring depends on the agreement previously formed.


Some MMO games online like “call of duty” or perhaps  “Diablo 3 ” are seems to be ethnographics documents cause of their links to the past of our civilization, based from gaming… Other exemples are coming about the genealogy of gaming, from tribes to the Internet.


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    Indians and other antics civilizations are famous for their games and the fun tendances of their activities : a lot of sociologists have published papers about that

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