What destinations for a linguistic stage today ?

Make tourism to learn a language is  the formula dreamed for every young people nowadays : and for proof, hundreds of thousands of our fellow countrymen made a linguistic tour in 2010.

Today, all the professionals of linguistic study  proposes more than 50 destinations in the world to his customers:

At the top of list of choices we find naturally the United States destination : Boston, NY, Los Angeles ! The learning can be made on wonderful campus Californians or, more original, immersed in the life of a ranch !

 And what would you say about a linguistic stage in Germany ?: share the life of the Berliners in particular and the excitement of this infinite city. Or you prefer to learn the Italian in Rome : visit the forum, the Coliseum, while frequenting the school of language near the street “Cola di rienzo”…

Tourism and learning is a rich formule .

These  stages of immersion are completely thought and managed by professionals which know perfectly their job : make you learn  in a effective way a language  with a plaisant moment.


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