Formation on humanitarian : a sociological tendency ?

Very interesting reflection of the sociologist Alain ACCARDO, which considers that in Occident it is the end of the national political illusions,  that explains the growing of investment in humanitarianism :

 ” The unprecedented development of the humanitarian associations owes its vigour to the fact that the moral faintness of middle classes  became with the end of the revolutionary expectations and the fail of the political project to transform social power in society“.

And exist a lot of ways to make interventions :  for exemple,  purchase of greeting cards for MSF in Haiti

We would like to draw the attention on an other aspect of the humanitarian aid : the formation of future workers inside territories. Because it is an underestimated aspect : there are training institutions  which dispense courses, often to HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA + 3, in the humanitarian sector. These programms  includes courses of international law, communication and especially management of project in humanitarian. That is going to allow the future executives of the humanitarian intervention to directly help the populations to restart after the disaster.


Note that these humanitarian studies can be short or long (9 months), lead often by jurists but also sociologists and Managers or administrators of projects. Especially, humanitarian stages, in situation in Africa or all around the world, are often compulsory in these formations; to prepare really the participants for this typical work …


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