the three sizes of etourism


With Internet the tourist prepares his journey (SEO or community managment is necesseray for the professionals of E-toruism nowadays…) with the research for the best plans and the last-minute promotions (activity of comparators), then consult the opinions of the Internet users (facebook page, Twitter counts and presence in the forums and indispensable blogs for the people who are working in the tourist industry). Attention however on the hunting to the false opinion which became a major act in 2011!


 Then digital tools follow the tourist during its stay (API Google maps which made accessible on a dedicated site or a site of a hotel and which informs in real time : about animations and parties on the place of stay; by SMS alerts or Twitter special hastag; tags RFID which propose you a view “increased” by a place which you visit via your mobile)


Finally the traveler, on return of stay, announces his impressions on  Web tools 2.0 : his facebook, his photoblog (utility for the professionals of tourism to propose such spaces of opinions to their customers. Spaces requiring an animation with community management and technical accommodation naturally)


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