Hone Your Gaming Fingers With The Shooting Clock

Ever heard this line? “My fingers are not strong enough!” I sure have – I thought it silly before and I still do now! But apparently, there are people who think that there fingers really do need to be strong and agile enough in order to excel at video games. Go figure. PlayAsia is currently featuring a training camp of […]

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FIFA 17 Review

Fifa 17 is by far the most realistic sports game on the Xbox one. Popular, regular sports, not like wave race. Even the announcer’s voice is perfect (like the accent, and other stuff) It has TONS of teams, you can choose from all the countries, cities of the USA and more! In all this is a great game and you […]

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Is Game fifa Rental Piracy ?

Residents of Belgium are to be subjected to the enforcement of a long standing rule this winter – No more rental of video games fifa ! It looks like renting games was always illegal in Belgium, but it was tolerated. Once the 1st of December hits, the law is being taken seriously. The law will be identical to that in […]

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Emoting with Emoticons ;-)

It is almost unheard of—or better worded, unseen—that an instant message is sent without a little emoticon following each phrase. In fact, standard end-of-sentence punctuation has all but disappeared in lieu of a smiley, sad, grumpy, sick, etc. face. Did you know that you can actually learn a lot about a person by the frequency and usage of emoticons? In […]

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FUT, Wow : the Economics of Pay-Per-Play

Recently, it was announced that Japanese Playstation 3s had a new version of Gomibako (released stateside as Trash Panic), which actually charged gamers on an installment format similar to what is found in arcades.  By paying out 100 Yen (about $1.06 right now), the title gives players three full cracks at the game, after which, players would have to pony […]

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FIFA 16 fut 16 is coming back

FIFA 16 is the first basketball game to be ported to PC, Xbox, PS3… Overall, it succeeds at what it tries to do, but it will not appeal to everyone. In case you’ve never played the arcade smash hit, FUT 16 features all the FIFA teams. You choose from limited rosters from each team and you play a shortened game […]

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