The Singularity by Ray Kurzweil at Google

Everybody knows Ray Kurzweil , the father of the “Singularity” concept in technologies.

His most famous book (“the Singularity is near”) has been reading in all other the world and presents a vison of the future by the convergence of 4 means technologic domains : Artificial Intelligence, nanotechnologies, Biotechnologies and robotic. With the leadership of the informatic and the informatic connected (Internet).

Here is a presentation Of Kurzweil at google. Now, in 2014, we know that Kurzweil works for Google, at the AI of his search :






  • leo

    I hope I get to see the day when we understand the meaning/purpose of every single atom in relation to all the others in a human DNA moecule.

    On that day, we’ll have complete control in reprogramming our DNA to our benefit.

    • Tim

      yes, I think it’s one of the perspectives of the Singularity’s program.
      But sociologically few questions are coming : on social inequalities (who can access to these technologies ?), security of body (the “convergence” explains that disease will be fought by nanobots : nanobots which will be uploaded by Internet ! So, potentially hacked …) etc.

      The Singularity is a very passionate perspective but her questions (in social perspective) too.

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